Project TEN | September 2016

We’re approaching two years of this project and I’m finding it harder and harder to get this done. But IView full post »

Project TEN | August 2016

Yes, I know it’s already September. Yes, I know the post title says “August”. What’s the deal?View full post »

Project TEN | July 2016

Summertime. Staying up late. Sleeping in. Sugary snacks after dinner…and before dinner. Waking up with no agenda.View full post »

ProjectTEN | June 2016

Summer is in full swing! We’ve spent a lot of time in our bathing suits and this week, we are actually onView full post »

Project TEN | May 2016

I’m featuring some family members celebrating birthdays this month! My husband Matt celebrated on the 1st, myView full post »

Project TEN | April

A trip to the zoo. Warm weather backyard play. Bedtime routines. A road trip. See more photos from this projectView full post »

Project Ten | March

This series started when I caught Adleigh throwing a fit at the front door. This spot in my house as always been aView full post »

Project Ten | February 2016

Stuck inside for another month of photos. I had grand plans for amazing photos in the snow (did you know we got 18View full post »

Project Ten | January

So excited to keep this project going through 2016 with some new photographers added to the group. Be sure to check outView full post »

Project Ten | December

Well, I’ve made it to December. Ten photos a month of what’s going on in my world for all of 2015. NoView full post »

Project Ten | November

Fall in our house means mom is busy with thousands of photos from family photo shoots for clients. But, it also meansView full post »

Claire | Newborn

Even though it took big sister Emmie a little bit of time to warm up to her baby sister and to me coming into herView full post »

The Weber Family

I’ve known the Weber family for quite awhile but I hadn’t seen them in many years. When they arrived forView full post »

Project TEN | October

In the last month, my baby turned 3. I spent some time with Adleigh to document her true personality at 3. Oh, AdleighView full post »

Project TEN | September

I had big plans for my September photos – to shift a bit from my normal photos of my kids and really stretchView full post »

Ben & Lexi

Ben and Lexi. (deep sigh). I feel so giddy and thankful to be saying those names together. This couple is such a dearView full post »

Sara | Senior Portraits

Beautiful Sara. I remember when she was born…and such a gorgeous girl she has become! Sara and I did a quickView full post »

The DiCesare Family

I think Nicholas smiled THE ENTIRE session. It took maybe 3-4 frames before his smile showed up and was there to stay!View full post »

The Barnes Family

As a photographer, I have a list of goals that I seek to fulfill throughout my career. I look up to so many otherView full post »

Project Ten | August

This outcome of this month was very different than the plan for this month. The last 30 days have brought pain andView full post »

Project TEN | July

ProjectTEN consists of myself and my friends from across the country – Paula Richwine (DE), Rae Barnes (PA), Kelly LappView full post »

Summer Mini Sessions

**FLASH SALE STARTING SUNDAY, JUNE 21st – $50 off a Summer Mini Session. Sale ends soon.** The 2015 Summer MiniView full post »

Project TEN | June

This month finally brought consistent warm weather and some of the prettiest sunsets I’ve seen! Fantastic weatherView full post »

The Lemen Family

I met Morgan and John when it was just the two of them. Now, 6 (six?!) photo shoots later, they’re a family of 4View full post »

Project TEN | May

ProjectTEN consists of myself and my friends from across the country – Paula Richwine (DE), Rae Barnes (PA), Kelly LappView full post »

Project TEN | April

ProjectTEN consists of myself and my friends from across the country – Paula Richwine (DE), Rae Barnes (PA), Kelly LappView full post »

Project TEN | March

We were back to the beach this month. But this time, it was covered in snow! It was wild walking over snow on top ofView full post »

Evan & Amber

I’m so excited to finally share my first wedding from 2015! Amber and Evan contacted me late last year aboutView full post »

Project Ten | February

Here is the second installment of ProjectTEN and the images I selected that I took of my everyday life over the lastView full post »

Project TEN | January

I’m so excited to join 9 other (incredibly) talented professional photographers – who just happen to all beView full post »

2014 Holiday Sale

**SALE HAS ENDED** Print & Canvas Sale Sale is for current clients who have had a session in the past with KatieView full post »